On ham radio, this means if something is happening now, or there is information that could be valuable to you, then it should show up on your APRS radio in your mobile. See typical oversights and hear my talk on the 3 Oct 08 Rain Report See also some original APRSdos views and concepts overlooked in some new programs.

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Pignology, LLC is a small app and hardware development company focusing on amateur radio and portable operations. Get out and operate!

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The world's largest source of public safety, aircraft, rail, and marine radio live audio streams

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Software Support Done Wrong Ham Radio Deluxe is one of the best ham radio desktop programs. It provides a number of features, most popular of which are the ability to control your (connected) radio, keep a QSO log, but also use it for digital modes. As reported by The Register, …

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There are four RTL2823U USB dongles with three Ham It UP up-converters for 80m/40m/20m and a RTL2832U for the 2m Band. The Antenna for 80/40/20m is a 84 meters Delta Loop at a height of 10 meters above the ground with a 1.6-32MHz bandpass filter prior the receivers. For the 2m Band is a Diamond X-200 antenna 10 meters above the ground.

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The amateur radio station on the ISS can be received using very simple equipment. History The first Amateur Radio equipment was delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) in September 2000 and an Amateur Radio station was established onboard for use by Astronauts who are licenced Radio Amateurs.

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The ARISS program was created and is managed by an international consortium of amateur radio organizations and space agencies including National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the USA, Rosaviakosmos in Russia, Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in Canada, Japan Aeronautics Exploration Space Agency (JAXA) in Japan and European Space Agency (ESA) in Europe.

AllStarLink is a network of Amateur Radio repeaters, remote base stations and hot spots accessible to each other via Voice over Internet Protocol. AllStarLink runs on a dedicated computer (including the Rasperry Pi) that you host at your home, radio site or computer center. It is based on the open source Asterisk PBX running our app_rpt ...

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your radio dial is branching out. By broadcasting digitally over traditional radio waves, a single frequency is now capable of delivering up to four stations of content in crystal clear sound. All you do is tune in to your favorite station and your HD Radio receiver will automatically lock in to the HD1 signal for that station.

Get the software and apps below. Five by Five for iPhone/iPad - Preparation for FCC tests for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Compatible Devices.

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Welcome to HamGadgets. Hi, I'm Dan W7RF, aka RADIODAN. I hope you will find something interesting in my assortment of "Ham Gadgets". If you're a kit builder, you will find a number of kits to make your operating easier. The PicoKeyer series of electronic memory Morse code keyers are very popular and are being used every day by thousands of hams around the world. A WebSDR is a Software-Defined Radio receiver connected to the internet, allowing many listeners to listen and tune it simultaneously.SDR technology makes it possible that all listeners tune independently, and thus listen to differentsignals; this is in contrast to the many classical receivers that are already available via the internet.. More background information is available here.You can use your iPhone as an audio TNC and connect it to your HF/VHF radio for 300/1200 baud APRS operation. APRS Satellite Trackers When you are off the grid, just connect a Spot or deLorme Satellite Tracker to APRS pro and let the world follow your steps.

Nov 24, 2016 · Savoring My Ham Radio on Thanksgiving November 24, 2016 Nashua Area Radio Society Mike Baxter (KA0XTT) tells what he is giving thanks for on Thanksgiving Night in 2013.

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Depending on the hardware used, its radio frequency coverage could span between 50 MHz and 2.2 GHz. Turn your mobile phone or tablet into an affordable and portable software defined radio scanner. SDR Touch currently demodulates WFM, AM, NFM, USB, LSB, DSB, CWU and CLW signals. You need. USB digital TV (DVB-T) dongle with the RTL2832U chip. You ...

Operate stations with just your web browser – no hardware or software is required. Or, if you prefer a real radio, use a Flex Maestro. You can even use your iPhone/iPad when you are on the go. Unlike other remote systems that rely on kludgy software, the universal web console works wherever you are.

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May 06, 2014 · Mobile Apps for Ham Radio; RPT-2D Two Way Radio Repeater Box—turn your two-way radios into a real repeater; Baofeng GT-3 might be different after all; How to operate RA-60C Antenna Analyzer; Review Wouxun KG-UV950P; Categories. Antenna Analyzer (1) baofeng (1) hamradio (3) hamradio accessories (1) Uncategorized (3) Archives. May 2014 ... JTAlert Audio and Visual alerts for WSJT-X & JTDX. Getting Support. For problems or questions please join the HamApps Support Group and post a message.

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Selecting a Shortwave Radio. Reporting and QSLs. Receiver Reference. Modern Shortwave Receiver Survey. Favorite Tube-Type Shortwave Receivers. Scanner Monitoring. Introducing the "Action Bands" The World Above 30 MHz. Selecting a Scanner. National Scanner Frequency Guide. Other Radio Hobbies. Ham Radio. AM Band DXing. Longwave DXing ... The two screenshots above are taken from the SSTV app for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a case of downloading the app, and holding it to your radio’s speaker. Tune your rig into a common SSTV frequency, such as 14.230MHz, and hold the phone’s mic to the radio’s speaker.

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Headquartered in Kansas City, Midland Radio is the leading supplier of two-way radios, weather alert radios and an innovator in emergency radio technology.

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Operate stations with just your web browser – no hardware or software is required. Or, if you prefer a real radio, use a Flex Maestro. You can even use your iPhone/iPad when you are on the go. Unlike other remote systems that rely on kludgy software, the universal web console works wherever you are. Sep 15, 2016 · SDR# (‘SDR Sharp’) is one of the most popular software packages for ‘Software Defined Radio’ on Windows. Here I will show you how you can install SDR# on a PC running Windows 10. There is a more recent blog post about this subject, see: SDRSharp Community Plugin Package install